Skin Color x Eyewear x Dispensing

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For those of us that have been around for many years, we all embraced the whole ‘Color Me Beautiful’ concept. One of the first companies that took this to heart and made it a dispensing guide was Tura, draping scarves and talking about colors, wardrobe and skin tones.

As with all trends, some go by the wayside and get lost in the ‘what’s new’. Others come back and hopefully this Lifestyle Dispensing Trend returns. As a person who has ‘performed’ many trunk shows, the most successful trunk shows were the ones in which we did scarves and colors. It usually led to multiple pair sales. Use anything to get away from boring brown.

McGee Group- XOXO Eyewear Style-Embrace

My latest discovery is a series of YouTube videos from Christine Scaman who speaks about the concept of Color Analysis and Eyewear.

Today with colored eyewear making a comeback (Yeah!) it might be a good thing to brush up on color, skintones and eyewear.

Our Recommendations:

  • Watch the videos in a staff meeting
  • Practice with each other and make eyewear recommendations based upon colors worn and skin tones
  • Build into eyewear dispensing.
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