Signet Armorlite Introduces The Improved KODAK Lens ids


Carlsbad, CA (October, 2016) – Signet Armorlite, Inc. (SA) announces the availability of the new and improved Kodak Lens Intelligent Dispensing Software, also known as Kodak Lens ids.

Signet Armorlite has updated Kodak Lens ids to be more advanced and easier to use than ever before, making the entire lens education and measuring process more efficient for the practice and more engaging for the patient. Kodak Lens “See the Colors of Life®” brand imagery has been incorporated for ECPs to present the exclusive Kodak Lens Professional Series product portfolio with added color and vibrancy.


The software continues to operate on an iPad device for convenience and maneuverability, and contains the Frame, Lens and Measure sections. Kodak Lens ids now includes a ‘spirit level’ function to help make measuring easier and improve the overall accuracy. This level helps correct positioning so measurements are more accurate and precise. Also, the FRED (Frame Reference Device) has been updated to be more durable for better handling and more consistent results.

Kodak Lens ids improves the overall dispensing process with enhanced visual simulations and augmented reality technology, in addition to functioning as a digital measuring device. Interactive demonstrations were redesigned to better visually explain the benefits of Kodak Progressive Lens designs, Kodak AR Lens Coatings as well as polarized and photochromic options. Kodak Lens ids continues with the goal of helping ECPs communicate and educate patients about their eyewear options.

Available as a 2-year lease per iPad device, Kodak Lens ids arrives to ECPs as a ready-to-use turnkey solution with nothing to install– there’s no app to purchase or download separately. The measuring kit (back plate and FRED) is included along with the latest model iPad that has Kodak Lens ids software already installed. The cost to lease the Kodak Lens ids is $155 a month, billed as automatic recurring payments for the 2-year lease period. Any additional Kodak Lens ids licenses within the same practice location are offered at $75 a month for the 2-year lease period.

“We are committed to continuously building on our partnership with the ECP community to support their success,” states Edward P. DeRosa, Executive Vice President, Signet Armorlite, Inc. “This update improves the overall lens purchase experience– from helping to choose frames, to educating patients on their lens and material options, all the way to obtaining optical measurements for customized Kodak Progressive Lenses – Kodak Lens ids truly is a Practice Solution.”

About Signet Armorlite, Inc.

Signet Armorlite, Inc. has been manufacturing and distributing ophthalmic lenses since 1947. The headquarters and lens technology center, Signetek, are located in Carlsbad, California. Find out more at

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