Should You Join Affiliate Programs For Increased Profitability And Image?


You can sell almost anything on your website or blog. Affiliate programs are a method for businesses with an online presence to make money without having to stock or ship anything. Clothing, Accessories, eyewear, contact lenses, American Express Gift Cards, loans, cosmetics, web hosting, medical supplies, Nordstroms, and more are available in affiliate programs. Even iTunes has an affiliate program- if you are a music lover or carrying eyewear that is affiliated with music – present the eyewear and say if you like the music you can order it here… with a link to iTunes .

Although this is not the best example that we are using for his blog post- I think you can get the idea on how to use affiliate programs.


You just got in a new shipment of eyewear that is in black and white, have peace symbols, perfect for college age kids and you really want to show them the importance of eyewear as a fashion accessory and promote multiple pairs plus get your patients and future patients to come in and see what products you have.

(You just got approved by Peace Love World (Peace Love World Gift Cards) and want to promote eyewear as a fashion accessory showcasing clothing and the newest black and white Eyewear you just received from Via Spiga. You would write something like;)

Just New In Stock Black And White Eyewear From Via Spiga

If you are one of those who black and white are your primary colors you were come on it and see the latest Black and White Eyewear from Via Spiga. Via Spiga an affordable luxury eyewear collection is made to be worn from day Tees to Evening and we have a style for each:

Via Spiga Style Nemi- For Casual and a Sporty Look

Via Spiga- Mindino Day or Evening Lace
Via Spiga Bari For Day and Peace, Love
Via Spiga Amelia

Even though this is not the best example, several things have happened;

  • Promoted eyewear as a fashion accessory
  • Showcased new products in the office
  • Inspired or brought up wearing multiple pairs of eyewear and for eyewear to match.
  • Potentially incorporated a new revenue stream into eyecare profitability
  • Set your optical website/blog apart from the competition.

Something to think about and yes if you like the Peace, Love clothing above just click on the link and order away! Via Spiga by Zyloware is not part of the affiliate program.

Affiliate Programs

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  1. I like it! …as long as it is complementary and not over done. Optical types would do well to stop viewing the internet as the enemy and start thinking differently about how to leverage it to our advantage.

  2. You are right, when I look at fashion blogs, they are selling eyewear along with the clothing or accessories. Gadget sites are selling eyewear as well. It’s not just online eyewear companies anymore. So why not showcase the eyewear with a little fashion.

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