Should You Hire An Eyecare Practice Management Consultant?


First I want to preface this, I have a love-hate thing about consultants. Some are very good and some are very bad, there have been times when I have walked out of offices screaming about consultants and other times I have made suggestions that they should hire a consultant because the office was so messed up. I will say this, being a consultant is very hard work even though it may seem easy. The advantages of consultants is they have a broad perspective of overall business trends and can offer a variety of services from start-ups to marketing to financial analysis, teamwork building, human resources, partnership agreements and more.

Because there are many types of consultants before you hire you should weigh in what you are looking for. If your finances are good, but staff management is an issue, maybe you need to hire a human resource consultant, maybe you need a social media consultant or just need a partnership agreement. The first thing is to write down what your issues and trouble spots and your goals. The next is to do your homework and check out consultants get references, check out their blogs and websites.

Still not sure, there are plenty of free resources on the Internet, software and through blogs. But some people are better to have a physical person guiding them through the maze of running a business and keeping them on track.

When You Should Not Hire A Consultant

  1. You know everything
  2. You hate people telling you what to do.
  3. You will not implement anything anyway, so what’s the point.
  4. Your staff will sabotage anything a consultant tells you to do.
  5. You hate criticism- When you hire a consultant you have to let the ego go.
  6. You think your accountant/spouse/staff has all the answers.
  7. You think consultants are overpaid and it’s easy work anybody can do it.
  8. You consistently step over a dime to pick up a penny.

When You Should Hire Consultant

  1. You are working harder than ever and not making any money
  2. High staff turnover.
  3. Disorganized and can’t seem to get systems in place
  4. Want to retire and sell- need to get office in working order
  5. Want to bring on associate and need partnership agreement.
  6. Need direction and benchmarking stats
  7. Need leadership and management skills.
  8. Staff is unresponsive and not doing the job to best of their abilities.
  9. You are out of control.
  10. You want a shortcut to business planning and don’t want to take the time to make your own mistakes.
  11. Your way is not working and you need new ideas
  12. Losing patients
  13. Hard time making decisions

Listed below are some eyecare consultants. These are not all the consultants in the optical industry and if we missed someone apologies in advance.

Eyecare Consultants With Blogs

Eyecare Consultants Without Blogs

Online Sites For Benchmaking

Buying and Selling Practices

Web Design, SEO, Social Media

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