Should You Do A Pop Up Store?


While Pop-Up Stores have been around for years, (Think Halloween and Christmas). It seems like POP UP stores are popping up all the time now. The latest buzz is the Pop Up Store in Madrid Pop Up Store in Madrid

Warby Parker City Tour bus. As part of the shopping ‘Experience’, it can be something unique to offer your patients and future patients. Pop Up Stores are varied, you can rent a short term space in a mall or strip center, you can put up a kiosk in a parking lot or in the case of Warby Parker, park a bus on the city streets, or like H&M put a shipping container on the beach. One of the things I have noticed about these types of stores, they are always fun and always newsworthy.

So should you do a pop-up?


  1. Short Term Commitment- Going on Vacation- try a pop up in for 30 days. Most stores are from 30-60 days.
  2. Rent Should be Cheaper- Landlords are looking to rent, some rent is better than no rent.
  3. Try out a new location- Want to test the waters in a new area, maybe you moved and want to work and live close-by. Farmers Markets, Craft Markets can be viable locations.
  4. Appeal some new patients- Looking for new patients- maybe they are in another area.
  5. Convenience for established patients- Some of your patients live further out- try a pop-up a couple times a year in a location that is close to them.
  6. Try out a new concept or product- Maybe your heart is into funky eyewear, maybe you want to do something outrageous, maybe you want to do custom work. Think out of the box. Try out some specialty frames or even just sell sunglasses or contact lens and supplies.
  7. Move more merchandise or older merchandise-
  8. If using close-outs or private label- could be profitable
  9. Want the ability to quickly change with trends without having to stock a lot of merchandise.
  10. Brand Building-
  11. Create a Buzz- Pop- Ups are newsworthy
  12. Want to Open Your own practice- A student, working for a store and don’t have time/money to fully open a new office. Pop-ups will at least let you know whether this is viable.


  • Staffing- You have to staff with trustworthy people that love the concept.
  • Shrinkage- Pop ups depending on the location may be open to more shrinkage.
  • Fitting out the store- Depending on how you want to do it, you still have to make it look  good. Ideas we have seen, shipping containers, kiosk carts, RV’s, buses and more. (see below examples.
  • Time- Well, it’s just one more thing to do.
H&M Pop Up Store on a beach
H&M Pop Up Store on a beach
Venice Beach Pop- Up Photo:
Venice Beach Pop- Up Photo:

This Timberland Pop-Up is fairly easy and economical. Basic wood floor, Wired walls that are filled with Plastic Bottles, which are free, since they are all over the street. In New York, by the Flatiron building, it is highlighting their new ‘Earthkeepers’ line of shoes and boots which contain recycled plastic bottles in the soles. Constructed by 450 pounds of discarded plastic bottles which are moulded into a circular structure made up of recycled steel mesh. In addition, the interior design of the booth is reclaimed barn wood, renewable cork and low energy LED lighting fixtures. (Source)



Mobile Vintage Shop in New York City.

Photo Source

ebay Pop Up Shop in the UK used Shipping Containers
May 14th Pop Up Flyer
May 14th Pop Up Flyer

You can have a POP-Up Store within a store


Tortoise and Blonde an online company opened a Pop Up Store in Urban Outfitters


Tom’s Opened a POP Up Store in the UK


Rogue Eyewear Pop Up Store in Detroit


Illesteva at Opening Ceremony POP UP Truck

Karir Optical is having a POP-Up Store Trunk show.


Aspire MidPage June 19


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