Shifting Scripts: Fighting for Patient Loyalty: Great Article From MiVision


Our friends at miVision in Australia wrote a great article on Fighting for Patient Loyalty. I thought it was interesting, that  1.) online eyewear, asking for PD’s is not just a USA problem. 2.) Offers several ways to deal with the PD issue. Good article and highly recommend reading.

‘It’s easy to understand how an independent optometrist could become bitter and twisted about the industry they operate in and the public they serve.

While many customers love the idea of visiting an exclusive optical store to receive a ‘free’, albeit high-quality eye examination, less are as passionate about paying the price for the premium quality designed specs displayed in the window.

Instead, they ask for the script, record the catalogue number of their preferred frame, and walk the details down the road to an optical discounter – or increasingly, hop online to order their new glasses or contact lenses at a cheaper price.

The optometrists and optical dispensers we spoke to have all witnessed this trend over the past three or so years, so what are they doing about it?

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Kala Mid Page


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