Shark Ninja Goggles Are Perfect For Shark Week


Kids are especially prone to red eye and sun sensitivity. When swimming, they really need good swim googles to protect their eyes from things like PEE in pools and trash in other bodies of water. Liberty Sport designed the Ninja Swim Goggles especially for kids and water. Aptly named Shark, these colorful goggles (not to get lost) come with yellow tinted lenses offering maximum visual acuity and blue light protection.

Shark Kids

The goggles come with a cleaning cloth pouch, 2 straps and an allen wrench for bridge adjustment. Best of all, you can put an RX in them. Swim goggles are good all year round, as many kids are in water sports.

Shark crystal

Shark KIDS blue

Shark KIDS green

Shark KIDS purple

Shark light grey



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