Shades By Mauro Balcazar


We found the perfect reception room reading material by artist Mauro Balcazar. He is a very talented artist illustrator who created the book Shades, which depicts famous characters wearing eyeglasses and sunglasses. The book’s eyewear illustrations are on people like Mrs. Doubtfire, Kanye West, Chewabacca, Dana Carvey. Very very done. You can purchase the book on Amazon

Mauro Balcazar10

Mauro Balcazar4

Mauro Balcazar6

Mauro Balcazar7

Mauro Balcazar2
This looks like Bootsie Collins

Mauro Balcazar0

Mauro Balcazar-1

Mauro Balcazar5

Mauro Balcazar 8

Available on Amazon Shades by Mauro Balcazar

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