Selling Eyewear- Lessons From HSN


Many years ago, I sat in a sales meeting listening to QVC. The point of that long hour was listening to learn how to sell. 25 years of selling and I have to listen to QVC! It was probably one of the most valuable selling classes I have ever taken. Why- because being human, I get tired, my mind is on other things, I’m jaded and sometimes I just didn’t care about selling anything. Now, even today (15 years later) I go online and watch how people sell.

I would bet you, that sometimes, you just say, yeah- those look good- and you end up selling a $125.oo pair of glasses, no accessories and no add-ons.

If you watch this video- take note of how much they romance and describe the sunglasses, even down to the eyeglass case. Watch how they handle the sunglasses, like it is a precious piece of jewelry- I really like the part, where they lay the sunglasses down in the case and spotlight it. All for $19.00. Ask yourself how you handle eyewear that is $300.00?

Some points to look at:

  • They tied in sunglasses to accessories
  • They described and used verbiage that made the product exciting
  • They introduced trends, fashion and celebrities.
  • Introduction of history and health showing they knew something about the product.
  • Described colors and the look
  • Spoke about who could wear the product- goes on every face, a little ‘rebel’, versatility.
  • Romanced the add on sale- the case.
  • Brought up buying as a gift (2nd pair sales)
  • Spoke about comfort
  • Spoke about the Health issues (UV protection)
  • Exhibited excitement about the product.

Now, think about the consumer- why wouldn’t they buy this pair of sunglasses from HSN, rather from you. Next time you have a patient or customer in front of you, think about how HSN would sell the product.

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