Saving Money by Reducing Optical Employee Turnover


One of the best ways of saving money is by reducing optical employee turnover. Thank you to FirstSight Vision  Services for bringing this interesting and  money saving topic to our attention. Human Resources is an important part of making any optical business successful.

How to Reduce Optical Employee Turnover

Develop a Hiring Strategy – Start off by creating detailed job descriptions. Such descriptions may help optical employers reduce their exposure to lawsuits by setting expectations from the beginning. Once you have a job description, commit to hiring the best candidates rather than the first candidates who meet your minimum requirements. Carefully review the optical employee applicant’s resume for skills, education, and relevant experience. Be sure to always contact references. And finally, will this person get along with his or her prospective optical coworkers? Is he/she a good match with your working environment? This person could affect other employees in your optical business. Having a detailed strategy improves your chances that the new hire experience will be a positive one.

Provide Orientation and Training – The more valued, accepted, and secure new people feel, the greater the chance for longevity with your company. Employees are more likely to remain loyal to businesses committed to staff development and promoting from within. They often need to feel there is opportunity for learning and advancement. You can accomplish this with ongoing education and training that strengthens skills and gives optical employees more confidence in their jobs.

Conduct Performance Appraisals – It’s important that optical employees know how they are performing and how management views their progress. A performance appraisal should demonstrate the expectations placed on employees and how they respond to the tasks given to them.

Source: Paychex Spotlight May 2010

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