Santinelli at the NIDEK Co., Ltd. 20th Lens Edger Summit


Hauppauge, New York, March, 2017 – Soon after becoming the exclusive U.S. distributor of NIDEK lens edging equipment, Santinelli International envisioned and initiated an annual Worldwide Lens Edger Summit Meeting for NIDEK’s 95 global distributors. This year, the entire group commemorated the 20th anniversary of these Summit Meetings in Milan, Italy.

The annual Summit Meeting concept was born out of a desire to share industry news, identify opportunities, announce new product developments and create camaraderie amongst the international group of distributors who share a unified goal. As the originator of the concept, Gerard Santinelli, President & CEO of Santinelli International, was appointed Chairperson of the event, a position he held until stepping down in 2014.

As the initiator of these meetings and the former Summit Chairperson, Mr. Santinelli marked this significant milestone with an innovative and content-rich presentation titled “Innovation, Determination & Brotherhood…The Path of 20 LE Summit Meetings.”

According to Mr. Motoki Ozawa, NIDEK’s President & CEO, “This event was a wonderful occasion to recognize and celebrate how much has been achieved through these 20 LE Summit Meetings. I would like to thank Mr. Santinelli for having initiated the meeting concept, and for his presentation which illustrated the many learnings, products and fellowship through the years.”

Mr. Santinelli commented, “It’s an honor to be a part of such a global, elite team. Seeing the LE Summit Meeting mature, grow and progress through the years has been deeply gratifying. This year, we celebrate all that we have done together, while we simultaneously set our sights for many exciting things to come”.

About Santinelli International
Santinelli International is the leading distributor of lens edging equipment in the United States, representing NIDEK machinery. For nearly 45 years, the company International has assisted eyecare professionals who are looking to provide better, faster service to their patients, and simultaneously increase profits. The family-owned company is the current and seven-time recipient of the EyeVote Award for Best Optical Equipment Finishing Brand and first-time recipient of the award for Best Optical Equipment Company.

Founded in Gamagori, Japan in 1971, NIDEK continues to be a global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of ophthalmic equipment. The United States subsidiary based in Silicon Valley, California, provides sales and service for ophthalmic lasers, refractive lasers, and many advanced diagnostic devices. NIDEK is committed to delivering accurate and comfortable devices for lens processing for our customers.

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