Robbie Bell-Optical Sales Trainer Extraordinaire


I don’t know if any of you have met Robbie Bell or Eye Coach or read any of his columns in 20/20 Mag– but this is a guy who can make selling eyewear fun and when selling eyewear becomes fun- your profits increase. Robbie is the owner, trainer and Eye-Extraordinaire person to go to teach and coach staff on selling techniques and growing patient and customer service.

What caught my eye on his website is the section Why EyeCoach, he mentions a chance encounter on a plane… I have had the exact same experience many times, and I can’t tell you how many strangers on a plane I have sent to optical offices to get new glasses. He uses the taking the focus off price- I have used that too as well as ‘image, function, even talking about the green nosepads (disgusting)

You can contact Robbie at to find out how he can coach your team to it’s fully potential.

If you are going to Expo- you can hear Robbie speak at the Optical Women Selling Workshop on September 30th (RSVP please click on the following link:

Both Shirley and I are going and I know us old broads will learn alot from Robbie- Optical Trainer Extraordinaire.

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  1. I checked out the website. Lot’s of fluff, little substance. So, I checked out a few articles. More fluff, no substance. Not being a woman, I don’t think I’ll be checking out the Optical Women Selling workshop. Who says Robbie is the “Eye sales coach extrodinaire”? That is quite a lofty label to pin on someone just because 20/20 publishes him. Just because a man is published or on TV, for that matter, does not mean he is extrordinary. Just look at Jim Cramer. He’s loud, but mostly wrong.
    The best speaker at VEW is Ed August. If you want to have a profitable practice sit in on one of his classes.
    Sorry, Robbie. You may be good, but extraordinary? Your testimonials come from nobody. Show me that you were used by Lenscrafters, or Pearl or someone I should emulate.
    I , for one, would be skeptical of how your services would benefit my staff especially since I disagree with your basic premise. Which, if I understand it, is that a non-optical professional can teach my “optical” staff how to sell better. No Robbie, you need to be BOTH an optical professional and a SALES profesional.

  2. I would like to share my personal experience with Eye Coach and Robbie Bell.

    I have been through several other motivational and sales trainings with a wide variety of speakers.

    Recently, I have been through Eye Coach training with Robbie Bell and had a fantastic experience! Robbie was both FUN and INFORMATIVE…”Great tips on closing a sale”

    I would HIGHLY recommend Eye Coach and Robbie Bell for the office that is seeking out growth.

  3. Interestingly my husband and I have had several experiences with Robbie from Eye Coach. We decided to hire him to come train our staff after our first meeting. At that time we had sold our half of a 1.4 million dollar practice a year prior and decided to start anew in a small town.

    Robbie is an extremely well educated individual in this area. His expertise comes from practically a lifetime in the optical business. He has fire and passion for helping people and can get a fire lit under just about anyone. Trainer Extrodinaire would be a correct statement about Robbie Bell in our opinion.

    When he gave training to our staff it was a wonderful and infomative experience. It gave them a new perspective on how to approach people and the care required to make the “sale” a NEED. He also made one of our staff extremely comfortable even though English is her second language. And yes, our “sales” have increased even with our most seasoned staff.

    His attention to our staff and the needs of our office has been paramount. He doesn’t just stop at the training and hopes everyone gets it. He will continue to help and make sure new situations are addressed in an appropriate way.

    Robbie Bell is definitely an individual that can train with a new style and help you acheive the results you wish for. If anyone is looking for success then I would tell you that Robbie Bell is the trainer for you.

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