Road Warriors- Opportunities For Eyecare Professionals

Road Warriors

Road Warriors are people that basically spend their time travelling on the road, whether in a car, a train or airplanes. Both Shirley and I are experienced road warriors. As glamorous as it may sound to many people, it is a hard life. You are never home, and when you do come home, you spend your time, cleaning, shopping, unpacking, re-packing, picking up email, paying bills all in a little space of time, like 2 days. The only advantage is true road warriors are not effected by Jet Lag, because they many times are on so many time zones the body never knows whether it’s coming or going.

As a road warrior, I am always packed. I have doubles of everything to make life much easier. What we  warriors buy that you can promote and sell: 2nd pair of  eyeglasses and sunglasses, cleaning cloths, eyeglass repair kits, small magnifing glasses, eyeglass retainers, flashlight, extra contact lenses and cases. I will also tell you, I have much of the below products in my car as well and I don’t even drive that much!

How To Promote

Get a clear plastic picture frame and put up a sign ROAD WARRIOR SPECIAL’ and group some of above in a little area. Should only take up about a 12×12 inch section.

Where To Get

  • Amcom: Cleaning Cloths, Retainers, reading glasses, magnifiers, FlipUps, screwdriver kits, contact lens cases
  • Hilco- Lens cloths, readers, cleaners, eyeglass retainers, screwdrivers, magnifiers, sunclips
  • Nanofilm- AntiFog lens cleaners which are great for cleaning computer screens as well.
  • Rons Optical- Contact Lens cases, magnifiers, eyeglass holders, repair kits
  • Live Eyewear- Over RX eyewear, Cocoons -great to take along as an extra pair of sunglasses.
  • Jonathan Paul– Fitovers and duality eyewear, great for sunglasses
  • SwitchVision– Interchangeable lenses, is one pair of glasses with many types of lenses, so the wearer is always prepared for any weather conditions.

For those who are are going on a trip the below is a list of recommendations from Travel Experts:

  1. Extra medications in case your flight is delayed (Medications must be in original bottles, not replacement bottles or plastic zipper bags.) For Carry on.
  2. A list of your medications,
  3. Travel-size toiletries in 7.5″ x 8″ plastic zipper bag (3-ounce bottles or smaller) for carry on.
  4. Travel clothesline- I carry dental floss and clothes pins not the clothesline, extra long shoestrings work just a well.
  5. Partial roll of toilet paper- a definite must for those times you may be sitting on the tarmac for hours. ( I take 2-3 depending on how long I will be gone and what country)
  6. Travel-pack tissues- I actually carry handi-wipes which is what they use for babies, no tissues, TP works just as well.
  7. Two band-aids- I carry more than that!
  8. Hand Sanitizer- I take on vacations only.
  9. Tiny mints and/or gum for in-flight dragon breath- Altoids are the best! And I carry on toothbrush and toothpaste.
  10. Change of underwear- I always carry on no matter how long I am gone, so not an issue.
  11. Electrical adapter(s) all adaptors or electrical stuff you may need for ipods, cellphone and laptops, cameras. hearing aids.
  12. Curling iron if you use one (Tell inspectors about it.)- forget that, don’t curl your hair!
  13. Small pad for notes, pens, pencils, paper clips, rubber bands – are in my rolling desk.
  14. Business cards or address labels.
  15. Copy of your eyeglasses or contact lens prescription, passport, travel info and copy of credit cards (hidden away in luggage. I have been ripped off before and to have all this information has saved me major headaches. I could write a book on this alone! You should have been there in my last adventure- Peruvian Standoff in Tujillo, Peru, with me, the police, the taxi-driver, the D.A. the neighbors and the bandits holed up in a house and nobody spoke English!
  16. Eyeglass repair kit (The kind with the mini screwdriver and screws.)
  17. Extra batteries if you wear a hearing aid
  18. Small roll of plastic tape to repair a ripped luggage- I have a 1/2 roll of duct tape, you can’t miss, but only when I am going out of the country.
  19. Large plastic zipper bags, and reusable bags are great as well.
  20. Safety pins – always have.
  21. Plastic magnifying glass- of course!
  22. Deck of cards- I travel with 2 decks of cards when going on vacation.
  23. Paperbacks and travel guide- a definite must, crossword puzzle book as well

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