Repeat After Me…


The sixth stage of the buying process is repeat.  Repeating the sale is a wonderful place to be and we should celebrate that we now have a customer who continues to regularly do business with us.  However, with the feeling of “making it” comes some dangers that every business needs to keep in mind.

We can have the tendency to look a business partners who are everyday buyers and develop an attitude that they will always be there. Some are very loyal to be sure.  Others may be slowly evaluating and questioning your relationship while entertaining your competition.  Don’t be lulled to sleep when you think you can rest on your laurels.  Competition today is very tough and if you have a coveted client, they will covet them also.

It is very important at this stage to move from selling and acquiring a client to appreciating them!  Remember a few stages ago when we discussed that people buy with emotion and justify with logic?  Now is the time to feed the emotion.  Just a fire needs to be stoked every so often to burn bright, we have to stoke the emotion of our customers.

You want them so fired up for what you do that the competition cannot get a foot in the door.  You also want to build up your emotional bank account with them so that when something does go wrong, you have a balance to draw from.  Most companies forget to stoke the fire.  It doesn’t need to be much, but it does need to be sincere and authentic.  Ironically, I find that a simple lunch or personal note or visit by the owner of the company can go a long, long way.

We have to keep the fires stoked if we are going to get them to the final phase of the buying process, referral.

Guest Post by: Mike Karlsrud is an optical professional who “makes brands come alive” for optical practices nationwide.  He is owner of and

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