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In these economical times, I am always looking for opportunities for the ECP to increase income, bring people into your office and provide needed services and best of all – it’s good for the environment.

One of the ways, you can provide a needed service and make money or even fundraise- is to have your office as a drop off for cell phones, ink cartridges or even other e-waste. Think about it- get signed up with an organization such as Earth911 put a sign out on your door and reception, send an email out to your patients (or even in your recalls) and let them know that you are a ‘Recycling Center’. What a great way to increase your talk factor and provide a needed convenience to your patients and potential patients.

Check out the below links to recycle cell phones and make money (donate, fundraising and more) I listed the states, because I believe you should support local business- but all of the below work nationally.

  1. Cell For Cash– Partnering with will allow you to get paid between $1 and $20 for each qualified phone that we receive from your referrals.  This program is a simple way to make some extra cash for you or your business, school, town or organization.  The more phones we receive from your referrals, the more money you earn!
  2. Cash Old Phones– Our mission is very simple. provides programs in efforts to help preserve our environment. We provide a safe alternative to discard old cell phones while businesses, charitable organizations, and individuals can be benefit from the program. By using service, you can get cash for your old phone(s). That’s extra cash for spending!
  3. Eco Phones– Founded in 2001, EcoPhones is a leader in cellular phone, ink jet printer cartridge, laptop / notebook computer, iPod, digital camera & digital video camera recycling & fundraising. Working with over 30,000 educational, civic and religious organizations throughout the United States, EcoPhones is pioneering the large scale collection of electronic waste through its innovative EcoPhones Drive® concept. By offering a simple, no-cost fundraising solution while at the same time safeguarding the environment, EcoPhones is truly the Future Of Fundraising®.
  4. Gazelle- It is our purpose – and our promise – to provide a practical, rewarding way for people to finally rid themselves of all those old cell phones, digital cameras, and gaming systems that they no longer use, but can’t seem to find a way to let go of.Too often when people think of recycling, they rush straight to smashing things into bits for parts. We believe that reuse should always come first. If your GPS unit still works, why not keep it in circulation AND get paid for it? If reusing isn’t in the cards, then let us recycle that vintage camcorder. We think of it as ReCommerce.Yeah, we’re green.Green for you with dollars in your pocket. Green for the environment with fewer electronics being trashed.
  5. Green School Project– We pay schools and other nonprofit organizations to recycle their inkjet and laser cartridges as well as cell phones and PDA devices. We provide prepaid shipping materials and all other marketing materials free of charge.
  6. Recycle My Phone Recycle My Cell Phone is a grassroots campaign that seeks to educate consumers about the impacts of their purchases, beginning with the extraction of raw materials through the end of product life. EARTHWORKS, an environmental non-profit organization has teamed up withCollectiveGood, a leader in responsible cell phone recycling, to either refurbish or recycle your old cell phone using the highest environmental and social standards.
  7. Think Recycle- free print cartridge and cell phone recycling program that allows you to earn money while helping the environment. There’s no cost to join and Think Recycle supplies you with collection and recycling services.


  1. I Buy Phones- In your junk we find gems! There are hundreds of cell phone models that fade into obscurity – or into your scrap pile – in the blink of an eye. The bad news? You’re suddenly passé. The good news? We’ll pay for your used cell phone and even cover the shipping costs! Send us your cell and pocket the cash. Earning money shouldn’t be this easy
  2. San Diego Futures- Computers, Laptops, Monitors, CD or DVD ROM Drives, Copiers, CPUs, Televisions, Digital Cameras, Docking Stations, Pen/Drawing Tablets, Fax Machines, Flatbed Scanners, cel phones, batteries, Floppy Disk Drives, Handheld Scanners, Hard Disk Drives, Keyboards, Modems, PC Monitors (LCD and CRT), Mice, Televisions, Network Devices, Network Interface Cards, Plotters, Printers, Software and software licenses, Sound Cards, Tape Backup Drives, Video Cards, and Zip Drives
  3. Simply Sellular (Huntington Beach) Simply Sellular is dedicated to helping the environment by finding new homes for cell phones that would otherwise end up in landfills. There are currently over 100 million surplus cell phones in the U.S. with that number expected to exceed 150 million by 2006. Your “useless” cell phone can also be of great use to disadvantaged people and those who may need one only for emergency 911 purposes. We strive to provide the best customer service of anyone in the industry, to ensure you are satisfied at all times. So keep us in mind next time you upgrade your cell phone. You’ll know you’ve done something good!


  1. Collective Good CollectiveGood creates financially productive partnerships with charities and companies to ensure that the benefits of mobile phones are maximized, and their environmental impact is minimized. We pioneered the concept of providing marketing, operations and logistics support to charities and the private sector to create innovative used mobile phone collection campaigns that are successful in every community.
  2. Buy my Tronics- wants to buy your used, new and broken Electronics today! We offer a fast, simple, and eco-friendly way to get money for your device. We currently purchase Apple iPods, Apple iPhones, Cell Phones, Smart Phones including Blackberry, Treo, Nokia, HTC, LG, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, and Sanyo, PDAs, Zunes, Game Consoles including Nintendo Wii, Microsoft X-Box, Sony PlayStation or PSP. We accept most iPod models such as the Classic, Touch, Video, Photo, Nano, Mini, from 4th to 1st Generation. We don’t care about the condition of your gadget. We will accept items ranging from a bricked iPhone, an old Treo 650, a sad faced hard drive iPod Classic, a New PS3, an X-Box with a disk read error or a used Wii. We will pay you top dollar to recycle your unwanted electronic devices – guaranteed! Keep


  1. GRC GRC offers socially responsible cell phone recycling opportunities.  We sponsor cell phone fundraising, cell phone donation, and recycling for businesses and individuals.   Our industry leading programs feature free shipping and zero landfill recycling. We buy used cell phones from businesses, individuals and municipal recyclers.   Minimum 10 phones. GRC has recycled over 4,000,000 cell phones since 2002.   We are the trusted cell phone recycling partner to tens of thousands of organizations and businesses throughout North America.   Our “Cell Phone Fundraising” program offers nonprofits, schools, and community groups the opportunity to raise money through cell phone recycling.   Our “Cell Phone Donation” program offers businesses and consumers the opportunity to donate cell phones to benefit our nonprofit partners.   Through our “We Buy Cell Phones” program, GRC purchases cell phones directly from businesses & consumers.   GRC recycles cell phones through an environmentally responsible, zero landfill cell phone recycling process.


  1. Advantage Cartridge Advantage Cartridge recycles and pays for i-pods, laptops, empty inkjets, laser toner cartridges, used cell phones and PDA cell phones, laptops and iPods. Our mission is to partner with schools, businesses and non-profit organizations to help earn money while improving the future of our world through recycling. This free program is designed to make it simple to collect these items and turn them into cash. All supplies are provided (including collection boxes and marketing materials) to successfully run the program. Advantage Cartridge even pays for shipping! This no cost, year-round fundraising program is the ideal way to be more environmentally responsible and to share our goal of helping to preserve our environment.


  1. Eco-Cell- ECO-CELL recognizes that we are in the midst of an e-waste crisis. That is why we designed a program that encourages organizations to collect all used cell phones and accessories, including batteries Has locator on site, available in Canada as well


  1. Charitable Recycling

New York

  1. Phone is Cash- has developed a national program to remove discarded wireless cell phones from the country’s environment while directly benefiting charitable organizations and individuals. By recycling, you give new life to old technology and keep these toxic e-waste materials out of the landfill. And best of all, every cell phone you collect means money for you!


  1. American Cell Phone Dr- Recycle Locator on site Donate or Recycle your used cell phones through, the largest most comprehensive cell phone drive in the world today. Over 4,000 organizations are part of the Choose the organization you would like to donate or recycle your used cell phones through in your local community by going to on the Internet. Your old cell phones will make a difference. By entering your zip code you can find a local collection point and a worthy cause for you to donate or recycle your cell phones.
  2. Pace Butler-


  1. Phone Raiser

Drop It Off (From the EPA) Drop off your old cell phone, PDA, cell phone batteries, chargers, or other accessories at one of the retailers or service providers below. Visit the links for detailed drop-off and collection event information.


Best Buy

Office Depot

Sony Ericsson




LG Electronics

Verizon Wireless

Note: EPA does not endorse the commercial services or products of its Plug-In To eCycling partners. All the previous links exit the EPA site

Mail It In- Mail in your old cell phone, PDA, cell phone batteries, chargers, or other accessories at one of the retailers or service providers below. Visit the links for detailed drop-off and collection event information.






LG Electronics

Verizon Wireless


Sony Ericsson


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