Randy Jackson – Optical’s American Idol

Shirley interviews Randy Jackson

Zyloware gave us, the Optical Vision Site, and several other VEE 2011 attendees the opportunity to talk to American Idol’s Randy Jackson. I have to admit that I can be just as star struck as the next person and always enjoy the opportunity to meet a celeb but I really did want to ask Randy about how his attitude to eyewear may have changed since he became involved with the optical industry personally. Most celebs are just an image for marketing purposes, nothing wrong with that but a few are personally involved and interested. Randy, I discovered  is one of those few and it was amazing experience talking with him one on one.

He really enjoys people and loves eyewear. He is actually very passionate about it and he told me he became interested in picking out his own frames at the age of 10 as he didn’t want his mom choosing his style for him! I asked him if he owns a lot more eyewear now that he has his own line, Randy Jackson Eyewear but he insists that he has always been a “multiple pair of eyeglasses” guy and that he had already figured out that eyewear is an extension of one’s personality and style long before Zyloware came into his life. One or two pair of eyeglasses have never been enough for Randy Jackson. However, I did get him to admit he has a favorite style – RJ 3007, the one he is wearing in the interview. Other favorites for him and his “crew” are RJ 1003 and RJ 3000.

Randy Jackson's fav frame RJ-3007

Zyloware you are really lucky to have this gorgeous and talented man on your team and I think the optical industry is lucky to because he is a great ambassador for us all as well. (Randy works as U.S. Ambassador for Save the Children). I really enjoyed chatting with Randy Jackson – “Optical’s American Idol”

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