Purple Cows And Spa Days

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We love it when one of our readers email us and Go Brilliant! Remember the Sacred and Purple Cow Story and then we did the infographic on National Cucumber Day? JuliAnn Radmansch from EyeCare Pro, said.. Great Idea.. do a Spa Office.. As she pointed out, one of the biggest issues with eyecare retailers, is how to differentiate themselves in an increasingly competitive market (Online and Brick and Mortar) Offering something as simple as cucumbers on your eyes while waiting…. A Purple Cow.

A simple economic 2 slices of cucumbers given to a patient can:

Bruder MediBeads Eye Hydrating Compress by Hilco
Bruder MediBeads Eye Hydrating Compress by Hilco
  1. Get People talking about you in a good way.
  2. Differeniate from the competition.
  3. Provide patients a restful interlude.
  4. Exceeds Customer Expectations/ customer service
  5. Provides Healthy alternatives.
  6. Gets patients away from digital devices. This could work on kids too.
  7. Potential revenue stream
  8. Fun

Does that mean you have to transfer your office into a spa.. NO… but there are many healthful things that an eyecare office can do to transform their office into more of a spa-health  experience

The Spa Eyecare Office 

Image Credit- WikiHow
Image Credit- WikiHow
  • Replace Coffee Urns with Organic or Fair Trade Tea.
  • Put in large Ice Water container with lemon/lime, cucumber slices.
  • Incorporate a Aromatherapy.. Using Sage, Lavender, Rosemary, and Mint leave sprigs in containers. If you have this in your garden, just cut some and bring on in.
  • Replace Cookies or Candy with cherry tomatoes, (easy to grow indoors or out) other garden veggies and or edame which is easy to eat.
  • Replace the TV or other digital devices with waterfalls and reading materials.
  • Attractively display your Nutraceuticals (Revenue)
  • Consider adding in some ‘medical’ products for puffy and red eyes. (Revenue)
  • Consider using a ‘Dry Eye’ mask or even Eyewear from Hilco with
  • Replace Musak, with Spa Music.
  • If you have the space, consider transforming a room to a Zen Retreat.

Eye Bogglers

  • $14.7-billion Health and Wellness Spas industry

    Encore Moisture Chamber  by Hilco
    Encore Moisture Chamber by Hilco
  • $7.47 billion in nail services
  • 20,774 Estimated spas operating in the United States.
  • Day spas make up the majority, accounting for 78.9% of total spas
  • 30% are men, and 70% of the spas offer services specifically geared to men.
  • 2011- Americans made 156 million spa visits, according to the latest information from the International Spa Association

How They Do It. 

I googled, optician, spa, optometrist spa and this is pretty much what came up. Meaning Spa Optometrist or Optician can be good for SEO.

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