Pros of Out-Sourcing Medical Credentialing


Vision West (the optical buying group) was talking about how excited they were  signing up a Medical Credentialing company as one of their vendors. Not to be stupid, I had to of course look up medical credentialing to find out more about it. They signed up CSOA, Credentialing Specialists Of America. After looking into this and realizing how much time and effort it would take to get on these medical panels, implement a Medical Model in your office and get credentialed, it absolutely sounds like a great idea to out-source your medical credentialing.

For those who don’t know- exactly what Medical Credentialing is:

‘Medical credentialing is the process of verifying information about medical staff and physicians to ensure legitimacy and experience.    States and insurance providers conduct medical credentialing to determine which hospitals meet their requirements. Hospitals will also use their own employees or hire outside firms to conduct the verification process with medical staff candidates. Medical credentialing is a very thorough, time-consuming procedure. The length of the process depends on the applicant and the laws of the state where the hospital resides. Physicians take a much longer time to investigate because licensures, completion of residency programs, authentication of services, and other qualifications must be confirmed.

Physician credentialing may also involve investigating any liability claims, references, association memberships, and status with the Department of Health and Human Services.’ Source:

So What are the Advantages of Medical Credentialing?

1.) Better payment

2.) See more patients

3.) Promotes better image to the community

4.) Access to online fee schedules

5.) Prevention against healthcare frauds

Bottom line you might check out Vision West’s medical credentialing resource, Credentialing Specialist of America, who offer a substantial discount to Vision West members. (50%) and most credentialing is done within a 30-90 day period. Saves you alot of time . For more information call Vision West @ 800.640.9485

This is what they offer:

  • Complete Medical/Optometric Credentialing (Insurance Paneling)
  • Provider Enrollment & Re-Credentialing
  • Medicare, Medicaid & NPI Enrollment
  • Plus, Plus, Plus


  • ecare India – Article on Why Medical Credentialing is Important


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