Produce Inspired Shades Promo


As we all seek to learn how to engage online, I think we can learn from those those are successful at it. One company that I admire, is our local San Diego ‘value’ sunglass company Knockaround. 396, 304 Likes on Facebook, 41,800 Followers on Instagram, 16,300 Followers on Twitter. In the ‘sunglass’ arena, they are a leader in Likes and Followers.  I think there are many reasons why they successful, that have nothing to do with price, style, collaboration and give back.  I think it is their customer engagement, case in point their #knockonproduce promo.

What they did: Had users take pictures of knockaround with produce. #hashtag it #knocksonproduce. Post it, talk about engagement and a fun promo for a free pair of sunglasses? eye exam? Put it on Facebook, put it on Instagram, Tweet it. Was it successful? I don’t know, but it was fun.


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