Polarized Lens Advances

London Olympics Beach Volley Ball Semi-Final - Courtesy: NBC
London 2012 Olympics Beach Volley Ball Semi-Final – Courtesy: NBC

The 2012 Olympic Games are over but not the memories and impressions. Lots of performance eyewear was on display worn by the athletes. This is good for the eyewear industry as optical consumers will be influenced by what they have seen watching the Olympics. Polarized particularly comes to mind.  There have been many advances with polarized lens technology but there are also many misconceptions about polarized lenses as unfortunately, the non-prescription sunglasses industry is weakly regulated, and even bold words in its advertising such as “UV absorbing” or “blocks most UV light” might mean nothing.

Therefore, it is really important that the optical consumer has a good resource to find out and we look at this as an opportunity you, as the optical experts, to talk to optical consumers about the benefits of quality polarized sunglasses and the real value of not just an Rx pair but plano as well.

Switch Polarized Lens – Boreal in Cactus

Seeing is Believing so have some cheap over the counter plano polarized sunglasses to show customers:

  • uneven clarity (blurry)
  • color density of the lenses
  • color definition of viewed objects i.e. chromatic response, color discrimination and contrast
  • scratches
  • reflections
  • flimsy and ill fitting frame

It is easy to demonstrate the differences if you compare to a high quality polarized lens and frame e.g. The Switch Vision Boreal lens system in Cactus shown above.

Transitions Vantage Demo Kit

Tell them about advances in polarized technology such as RX wrap lenses and products like Transitions Vantage adaptive lenses and NXT Lenses that are both photochromic and polarized as well as wrap friendly. You might want to take advantage of  the demo kits too.

The popularity of wrap lenses for prescription eyewear continues to grow as more and more people enter the presbyopic phase of their lives. Many plano polarized sunglass wearers do not want to give up the wrap style when they need an Rx and fashion dictates what many of us wear. They don’t have to as the choice of polarized wrap lenses for these prescription eyewear styles plus the equipment to process them has really improved and it is easier to satisfy your optical customer than it was just a couple of years or so ago. The free form progressive lenses are in polarized are a significant leap in technology for the baby boom generation that need multi-focal sunglasses.

Industry recognition and awards add credibility e.g. Vision- Ease Coppertone Polarized Lenses received the OLA 2009 Award of Excellence – this is a good example of something you can use to assure optical customers they are receiving a high quality product and an opportunity to discuss polarized lens advances.


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