Poison Words in Handling Customer Complaints


Has this ever happened to you- either at the office or in your personal life. You lodge a complaint, and your pretty much OK, until ‘Wham” they say the one thing that just ticks you off!

For me personally, I have several pet peeve’s- being called, honey, sweetie by a person I don’t even know and an ‘flick off’ sorry.

Trigger Words to Eliminate From Your Patient Interactions.

Don’t Say – Disagree- to the listener is ‘You Are Wrong’

  • Say — ‘I understand your point of view’.

Don’t Say- Have to – as in – “You’ll have to speak to the manager yourself

  • Say- Are you willing, or Will you
  • Say- One thing we may consider doing….

Don’t Say- I can’t or you can’t – as in – “I can’t do anything about that” or “You can’t do that”

  • Say- I am unable to because

Don’t Say- I’ll try – as in – “I’ll try and speak to finance department today”

  • Say-This is what I am able to do

Don’t Say– However, I will try

  • Say- Eliminate the word however

Don’t Say- But – as in – “I agree with what you’re saying but…..

  • Say- Try not to use the word but, ‘I agree with what you are saying.. Are you willing…

Don’t Say- Sorry – as in – “I’m sorry ’bout that”

  • Say- I apologize

Don’t Say- Compromise- is like disagreeing

  • Say- I understand your concern, what do you think will be fair?

Don’t Say- Company Policy-

  • Say- We appreciate your feedback and we will try to make it right…
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