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We are very pleased to welcome PixelOptics as a new Sponsor to the Optical Vision Site. There has been lots of buzz about this young company so while I was attending Vision Expo East, I went to their booth to learn more and I was very impressed with the product demonstration of composite optics. We are going to see even more very innovative technology from PixelOptics this year.

Here is some information about the company taken from the PixelOptics Website:

PixelOptics combines lens design principles and well-known, proven lens materials to create new categories of eyeglass lenses that address vision problems more accurately and effectively. This revolutionary composite technology forms the basis of a number of exciting new lens products that PixelOptics is launching over the next few years, including both “static” lenses having a fixed focus and “dynamic” lenses with a changeable focus, such as electronic lens designs

The focus of R&D efforts at PixelOptics is on inventing new ways of combining lens design principles within a composite lens platform, producing a proprietary optical system within the lens itself. It is this proprietary optical system that allows the final lens to provide unsurpassed vision performance for the wearer. A requirement of all new products at PixelOptics is that they are sufficiently unique to be patentable. To date, PixelOptics has amassed over 300 patents and patent applications in the U.S. and around the world. “We envision growing a meaningful market based on dynamic, “intelligent” lenses that automatically adjust focusing power electronically, in milliseconds without any moving parts, based on various visual task requirements and environments. Our highly proprietary electro-active lenses use a combination of chemistry, electricity and other components to create dynamic and intelligent optics for the correction of presbyopia (loss of near focus after the age of 40) and other visual disorders.”

Wearers will instantly achieve optimal vision no matter where they look – far, near, or in-between. In addition, lenses based on PixelOptics electro-active technology will significantly reduce head movement as well as distortion associated with conventional state-of-the-art bifocals and progressive addition lenses.

The first PixelOptics product offering, launched in October 2008, is the atLast® Enhanced Multifocal, a revolutionary composite lens that gives bifocal wearers the wide, spacious intermediate vision missing in today’s bifocal, trifocal and progressive lenses. A traditional “static” lens with an unprecedented blend of advanced lens technologies, atLast! provides ten-times the close-up and intermediate vision compared to a bifocal of comparable power. It is also available in Transitions Lenses.

Whether based on static or dynamic lens technology, all of our composite lenses will provide significantly better vision than lens wearers are experiencing with their eyeglasses today. PixelOptics lenses are marketed through traditional vision care industry channels of distribution. There is no need to purchase special equipment to process these lenses or incorporate them into your practice.

We look forward to bringing you more information about new products from our new sponsor PixelOptics.

Claire Goldsmith MidPage


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