Pin It Again Sam

Casablanca image courtesy of Warner Brothers

We’ve spoken of the social media network Pinterest several times over the years. In fact, we wrote about Pinterest way back in what seems a lifetime ago, January of 2012.  While most ECPs have been focusing their social media efforts on Facebook and Instagram, let’s not forget Pinterest.

As Pinterest goes public at $19 a share, Statista ranks Pinterest with 265 million users, showcasing an almost unbroken increase over the past several years, with much of the growth coming from overseas. That still leaves 82 million users in the United States, the majority of whom are women and use Pinterest to help make shopping decisions. In our house, my daughter uses Pinterest for recipes ideas for us to try for family dinners and for creating wonderful craft ideas for her son, both for school and the annual birthday bash.  Pinterest says 90% of weekly pinners use the app to make those purchase decisions.

Facebook (2+ billion monthly users) and its subsidiary Instagram (1+ billion monthly users) are in no danger of being overtaken in numbers by Pinterest (265 million users). Pinterest however, has more monthly users than Snapchat. Your work on Pinterest doesn’t disappear after 24 hours either which is something that frustrates most ECP marketers.

Pinterest isn’t the sexiest newest social media platform on the block, but it is a solid contender to reach shoppers. Our own Pinterest page sees well over half a million monthly viewers and we aren’t complaining at all.

Pinterest is a terrific way to showcase brand images and tie them back to your store or practice. Last week we wrote about the lack of sharing from many eyewear manufacturers to help you with your social media efforts. Here is another reason to get on the phone with your sales representative to get terrific lifestyle images that can help your store sell more.

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