OptiFun- Bud Light Twinkle Contact Lens


Here is another addition to the funny Bud Light Institute commercials. This one is from 2004.





Opti-Fun is Sponsored by Vision Systems–  Vision Systems, Inc. (VSI) is an industry leader in pre-owned optical equipment. Located in Tarpon Springs, Florida, it has quickly become a name recognized both nationally and internationally. It remains one of the few companies in America that optical professionals turn to when advancing their practice. Delivering quality equipment, professional installation, and training ensures success for everyone involved…start to finish.

VEW Mid-Page 19


  1. Great commercial.

    Read an article recently where a researcher tested slugs favorite beer (a well known method to attract and kill ’em by putting out beer in a pan). Bud Lite was the run-away winner (pun intended).

    As an editorial aside, if Bud Lite was the only beer available, I’d stop drinking beer!

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