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Looking for ways to combat the viral campaign of big box eyewear and contact lens online retailing? You might check out this website and category Opticians For Change. which talks about why the consumer should go to a licensed eyecare professional. The site will give you all sorts of helpful tips on dealing with your patients, pricing and online eyecare retailing and big box warehouses and chain stores.

In contrast, a true optical dispensary is a professional health and wellness facility where opticians practice 3-dimensional dispensing of customized eyewear.

*“Of the over 67,000 opticians designing, manufacturing and dispensing eyewear – less than half have any formal  certification or licensure.” — U.S. Department of Labor

“An optician’s function is as a highly skilled health and wellness professional.
A corporation’s first purpose is to make money for its stockholders. Their relationship is conflicted
to where the delivery of prescription eyewear today is more an exercise in marketing than healthcare delivery.”

“Opticianry is ultimately defined by how well the eyewear makes contact with the patient, not by the number of customers served.  Therefore, a conscious, precise, and personalized process of frame
selection, lens design, and in-place, hands-on fitting is required. In too  many cases obsessive and unrealistic sales goals override the optician’s mission of providing professional healthcare, whereby the personalized,  custom fitting of eyewear is given only the most minor consideration, if any.” —
Hari S. Bird, LDO, Dispensing Optician since 1958

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  1. I have to take issue on the article about “BIG BOX” stores that have optical departments. As a licensed optician (since 1980), I’ve worked for one of these companies, and must say that our policy has ALWAYS been to hire licensed opticians..We have to be better staffed than other large chains because of all the bad press we get. Because our prices are lower (higher volume), it is assumed our work is not as accurate or that we sell only closeouts, and don’t fill RXs correctly..We offer a good product to those people who want a good pair of glasses without the huge markup. I do believe that there is room for all types of optical stores.There are those consumers who will always by high end and designer brands, and others who can’t afford those prices..hence establishment s like ours. There is room for all of us out there as more people need eye wear. but there is no reason to judge us badly until you actually see our work..We don’t do ANSI standards.we get it right the first time,if there is a redo we lose money..we don’t charge enough to absorb any redo costs..
    So please get all the facts correct before you go speaking badly about the “BIG BOX”..our work is just as good as yours only costs less

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