Opticians Can Test ‘Well Seeing’ Barberini Eyewear For Free

Style BR160308

Barberini Eyewear’s project is focused on best visual quality and protection, thanks to the extraordinary optical glass lenses that are obtained through the technological innovations developed by the head office. UV400 protection, colour enhancement, resistance and lightness are only few of the Barberini sunglasses’ key points.

Style BR160308

Starting from the quality of the glass and using only the most innovative and performing material, Platinum GlassTM, the company provides the same exceptional characteristics on its RX Programme as well, Platinum GlassTM prescription sun lenses, both monofocal and progressive, are available in all the Barberini Eyewear’s collection.

Style BR161004

From June until the end of the year, all Barberini customers have the opportunity to try the RX programme for free. According to their needs, they can order a pair of Platinum GlassTM prescription sun lenses without any extra cost but the chosen frame. This special promo allows opticians to personally experience the “Well-seeing”, so dear value to the company, and to appreciate the unique characteristics of the Barberini Platinum GlassTM lenses.

For more information: info@barberinieyewear.it

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