Optical Training Vision: What is Toric Transposition?


Many years ago John Seeger launched his Optician Works website along with a series of Optician Training Videos. Several years ago he merged with LaramyK optical lab in which he with LaramyK has re-started his Optician Training Videos. The Videos can be seen on LaramyK YouTube Channel.

One of the latest videos is on What Is Toric Transposition and How Is It Done? They introduce you the concept using the nominal lens formula and work through nine examples with the relationship between front base curves – toric back curves and cross back curves.

The optical cross is the graphical representation of the two primary or principal powers on a lens. Toric transposition is the graphical representation of the powers (or curves) on the front surface of the lens and the back surface of the lens. DL = D1 + D2 or FL = F1 + F2. For optician training or ABO NOCE study, this lesson is based on an exercise sheet that a member asked for help reviewing. The lesson covers the concept of toric transposition and then goes on to work nine individual step-by-step problems.

Learn More: https://opticianworks.laramyk.com/

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