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I am a huge believer in staff education. There is this great site Optician Works– which takes you through a step by step process of Fitting Eyeglasses. Optician Works was launched last year in April (2008) and I highly recommend this site for any optical staff.

Here is the Table of Contents!

Chapter 1: Why People Wear Glasses

  • The eight refractive errors of the human eye
  • How ophthalmic lenses can correct the refractive errors
  • Corrected light and its path through a lens and the eye
  • How do lenses compare with prescription
  • Primary prescription information explained
  • Secondary prescription information explained
  • Also found on prescriptions
  • Other items related to prescription interpretation
  • What makes up a frame
  • Frame materials
  • How are frames measured
  • Primary frame fitting considerations
  • Secondary frame fitting considerations
  • Adjusting plastic frames
  • Standard alignment
  • Dispensing and individual adjustments
  • Routine adjustments
  • Patient pupillary distance
  • OC heights
  • Taking lined multifocal segment heights
  • Taking progressive fit heights
  • Anti reflective coatings
  • Slab off
  • Tints
  • Other
  • Lab relationship
  • Lab order forms
  • Finishing
  • Lensometer
  • Standards
  • Verification
  • Step by step verification procedures
  • Repairs and the optical field today
  • Screws
  • Rimless cord replacement
  • Replacing nose-pads
  • Non routine repairs

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  1. Convert a bifocal rx to a reading rx only
    here is the bifocal rx
    -0.25 +2.50 *010
    -2.00 +1.50 *170
    add +2.75
    so please help me change this rx to a reading prescription thanks

  2. +2.50 + 2.50 X 10
    +0.75 + 1.50 X 170

    +5.00 – 2.50 X 100
    +2.25 – 1.50 X 80

    Seems kind of high and these will have a very short focal length.

    Good for true near work but probably not so great for reading and will probably not work a computer.

    If you are trying to learn this stuff to be in the field you should join OpticianWorks!

    Hope that helps…

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