Optical Profitability- Appointment Setting


Do you focus on getting and tracking appointments? Having a full appointment book should guarantee a measure of success and profitability in an office. It also helps determine your break even point, i.e. having 50 appointments a month to pays the bills.  The crucial question- is appointment setting shared with all staff? If is isn’t you might consider sharing the information- so the optical team is aware of what they need to achieve!

Appointment Book Setting


Number of Appointment Slots:  8/appointments per day- 5 days per week x 4 weeks= 120 Potential Appointments per month.

  • Average Sale= $200
  • Goal is 120 appointments per month = $24,000 in gross sales
  • Break Even- 50 appointments per month= $10,000 in gross sales.

Once you have established the number of appointments needed to fill slots and your break-even point- share it with all optical staff and solicit their ideas on getting patients. After all it behooves all staff (job security, pay raises) to work in a busy office. It also might mean some changes- like implementing telephone scripts, changing telephone scripts and outbound calling to patients, and staff training, system reorganization and rewarding staff for achieving appointment goals.

13 Ideas on Getting Appointments

  1. Provide each staff with business cards ( #1 business tool) so they can pass out to whomever they come into contact with
  2. Improve recall system
  3. Call patients personally
  4. More advertising
  5. Have promotions
  6. Offer optical events
  7. Sign up for more managed care programs
  8. Networking
  9. Social media, such as FaceBook, Linkedin, MySpace
  10. Send podcasts
  11. Community OutReach Programs- such as speaking in schools.
  12. Set up pre-appointing systems
  13. Put appointment setting on website

Staff Incentives besides job security and pay raises? Days off with pay, preferred parking, lotto tickets, lunches, gas cards, certificates of achievement, big thank you’s, queen for a day program, and anything else you can think of to reward staff for a job well done.

Claire Goldsmith MidPage