The Optical Office- Redesigned


Last weekend at OptoWest, I ran into an OD, who is finally after 20 years, remodeling his office. Yet, I know other offices that make it a point to remodel or update their offices every 5-7 years. Why, because they know an out-dated office may lead to the perception of an out-dated doctor. Updating doesn’t have to cost a lot of money- sometimes it’s just a matter of a new coat of paint and carpeting. If you are thinking of remodeling or updating your office check out some of our favorite sites. Take note, many of these design sites are good for both home and office.

Shirley loves Dwell Magazine– so do I, so I just borrow hers.  One of my favorite sites to go is Apartment Therapy I also visit over and over these really cool green roofs pictures

Other Eye Boggling Sites to drool over

  • Inhabitat-
  • Ikea Hacker-
  • Jetson on Green– specializes in building, design, innovation and technology
  • RetroRenovation– If you have an older office and want to update it in a very retro way- this is a wonderful site, into the design aesthetic of retro interiors, exteriors, culture, people, steel kitchen cabinets, colors, pink kitchens, pink bathrooms, hudee rings, pecky cypress, illustrations with people playing accordians, wallpaper, pinch pleat curtains, mint-in-box items
Pam's Kitchen updated with Retro Products
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