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Hispanic Population

I read this article Focusing on Hispanic Eyecare (from Peter Kehoe OD) and began thinking about where do the Hispanics go to get their eyes examined. Living in California, where most most of the Hispanics live, I am surprised to not see more advertising in Spanish for the Latino market.

Eye Bogglers

  • May 2009 The U.S. Census Bureau reported Thursday that the minority population reached an estimated 104.6 million — or 34 percent of the nation’s total population — on July 1, 2008, compared to 31 percent when the Census was taken in 2000. Nearly one in six residents, or 46.9 million people, are Hispanic, the agency reported.
  • The most Latino county in the nation was Los Angeles, with 4.7 million people.
  • Univision is now the #5 network in the United States, behind ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox.
  • The $1 Trillion buying power of the Hispanic market in the US is largely under served and provides an outstanding growth opportunity

Hispanic Demographics

Based upon the latest demographics- why wouldn’t you target this market?- It’s growing, it’s viable and can be a major source of new patients.

Six Hispanic Marketing Strategies

1.) Have a fluent Spanish speaking staff.

2.) Provide all materials in Spanish.

3.) Be able to conduct an eye exam in Spanish.

4.) Support local Spanish groups and organization- Hispanics rely heavily on word of mouth marketing.

5.) All Signage outside to also be in Spanish and put on the door and all advertising- ‘Hablamos Espanol’.

6.) Ask all your optical vendors what resources they provide in marketing eyecare to a Hispanic Market


  • Target Latino- blog on targeting the Latino market
  • Cup o Mamba– good tips on Worth of Mouth advertising for Hispanics
  • Hispanic Marketing- breakdown and statistics on various media sources to reach the Hispanic market.
  • MSNBC- Films on Hispanic marketing and health care
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  1. It is a wonderful thing to speak a second language. Three of my five children are fluent in Spanish as their second language. However, that being said, anyone who wishes to live and work in this country should become fluent in English. That is the language of this country. I have traveled extensively, and I have not been so arrogant as to expect countries to which I have traveled to cater to my lack of fluency in the language of that country. If I wish to travel, live, work, attend a university, etc., it is up to me to become fluent in the language of the country in which I am engaged. So it should also be in the USA. It cost the taxpayers much too much money to print forms in another language. If one is truly integrating into this country, speaking, writing, and reading English should be mandatory. I will not extend to others privileges that I do not expect to receive either. So, I will continue to market my practice in ENGLISH only even though my office is in an area heavily populated with those who speak Spanish. It has not been a problem for almost thirty-five years. And, by the way, my Spanish speaking abilities are very limited.

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