Optical Fun: Eyes Eyes Baby


Dr. Andrew May and Dr. Barrett Martin present a parody of Vanilla Ice’s smash hit “Ice Ice Baby.” Also featuring Drs. Johnson, Hartman, and Hammond of Johnson Optometric Associates. This one is EPIC! “So give us a call at Johnson Optometric (and check out his hook while his DJ revolves it)!” Watch this video and you will see what makes Johnson Optometric the best eye care practice in North Carolina!

Lyrics: (by Dr. Andrew May)

Yo VSP, what’s up, word, let’s kick it, ah yeah

Alright stop, sit in the chair and listen, Dr. May’s back with a brand new edition
Something, gonna look at you brightly, shine in your retina daily and nightly
Will I ever stop, yo, I don’t know, turn out the lights and I’ll glow
To the extreme I check your eyes like a professional, I ain’t playing ‘round, and I ain’t messin’ y’all
I can do contacts and I can do glasses, and I can get you A’s in all of your classes
Seein’ so clearly that your teacher’s asking you, “How can you see that from the back of the room?”
You say, “I’m ballin’ with the 20/20 vision, all the letters have clarity and precision”
So give me a call at Johnson Optometric and check out my hook while my DJ revolves it

If you want contacts so you can fly a rocket, come on in and I’ll get you Air Optix
Or if you wanna be a spaceman flying to infinity, maybe I should get you some Biofinity
If you’re waiting for the future in cryostasis, then I think you need some Acuvue Oasys
Or if you wanna be stylin’ in some color contacts, just come and talk to me and I’ll give you the facts
If your eyes are brown and you want them to be blue, open up real wide and I will fit you
Remember not to sleep in them if you’re not s’posed to, I don’t wantcha getting infected, that’s not cool
Nobody likes taking an antibiotic drop, your eyes would be all red you might attract the cops
Clean them real sweet and change your case every month, don’t be stupid and don’t be a dunce
So give me a call at Johnson Optometric and check out my hook while my DJ revolves it

We’ve got every kind of frame you might wanna wear, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Hugo Boss it’s all there
Nike, Nautica, Gucci, Nine West, Kate Spade, Juicy Couture, J Lo, we’re the best
Voted best optical shop in Wake County, so come put ‘em on your face and check the bounty
Captain Jack Sparrow wears our glasses, so does Chuck Norris when he’s kickin’ all our booties
Harry Potter, Han Solo, and Batman all wear our frames as much as they can
King Kong, and the T Rex from Jurassic Park, ‘NSync, Backstreet Boys and Marky Mark
Jerry Maguire says, “Show me the frames!” and while he’s dunkin’ who be stylin’? LeBron James
Venus and Serena whack the ball in our glasses, so does the pope when he’s preachin’ to the masses
“You can’t handle our frames,” says Jack Nicholson, and sportin’ Maui Jims on the green that’s Phil Mickelson
MC Hammer ain’t too legit for our specs, Cinderella, Rapunzel, the Donkey and Shrek
And you know Donald Duck be getting’ down with some too, and every animal in the San Diego Zoo
Tony the Tiger and Captain Crunch, and Sherlock Holmes wears Armani when he’s got a hunch
“I love the frames at JOA” says Master Yoda, and the coca cola bear while he’s sippin’ Pepsi soda
Beethoven on the keys, Paul McCartney on the bass, and Animal on the drums, they’ve got our glasses and a case
Einstein, Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, Washington, Ben Franklin, and Lincoln all say, “Please
Give him a call at Johnson Optometric, and check out his hook while his DJ revolves it.”


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