Optical Fun Events-Eye Caching


You may have heard of Geo-Caching, an international game of hide and seek. Basically what happens is an geocacher places a ‘geocache’ in a location, pinpoints it’s location via GPS and then publishes the geocache’s existence and location online. Anyone can go and try to find the geocache.

Wouldn’t an Geo Eye-Caching Promotion be a fun and engaging event for your patients and future patients? It would be simple and easy to do, place various objects such as sunglasses, eyecases, repair kits, gift certificates around town, pin-point the location via GPS and publicize your event.


  • Provides for free events and products for strapped families a fun and family event to be be engaged in.
  • Rewards loyal customers
  • Bring in new customers. Go to the Geocache website and sign up for FREE. Plus publicize your event!
  • Increases talk factor- great press release and newspaper fodder and website updates.
  • Winners have to bring the geocache back to your office- Opportunity to introduce your eyecare office.
  • Get out of the box, with same-o, same-o boring promotions.
  • Differentiate self from other optical competitors- I bet they won’t do something like this.
  • It’s fun for not only patients, but staff as well!

Helpful Hints:

  • Don’t want to go alone- if your optical office is in a medical building or a strip center, try pulling all the shop-offices together to put on a whole weekend event! Hide lots of stuff. Most shopping centers or medical offices have PR departments that can help with the event.
  • Make it a charity event- involve your local non-profit agencies.
  • Experiment with your name- Geo-Eyeglass-caching- Geo Eye0Cache with Family Vision Center.
  • Have Fun!

Where to get GPS Devices


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