Optical Events-Eye Swaps to Beat Recession Blues


I’m sure that those who have -12.00 would love to swap eyes- but I’m talking about having a ‘Recession Event to Swap Eyeglasses! Last week- I had my 25th annual clothing exchange. We clean out closets, swap clothing and donate the leftovers to a Women’s Shelter. My friend Marilyn, came in wearing a pair of glasses I had given her (only worn 2x) – so got to thinking- this might be a great opportunity for the Optical Professional.

Eyeglass Party

If you think about it- many of your patients want a new look and right now are being very conservative with their purchasing- perhaps walk out without making a purchase (Horrors). They might need a new pair of sunglasses, or glasses for work- or just to beef up their wardrobe and are reluctant to spend money. In addition I’ll bet many of your patients have eyewear and sunglasses sitting around collecting dust, they would love to swap.

Cosmo Shirley

Plus it could be fun, networking and socially responsible (donate to charity of choice), bring in new patients and keep your current patients coming back and think about all the lenses and accessories you could sell!

In fact, I think I will add this new feature into next years’ clothing Swap!

Claire Goldsmith MidPage