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Whether you are the employer giving the performance review or the employee receiving the performance review, it is not usually a process to  look forward to but more to dread. However, if you have an optical employee performance review coming up, think of it as an opportunity. If you just had one, it is never too early to start planning for next year.

Optical Managers take note, you can ask the employee to draft their own review and find out what they think is vitally important and maybe what else they can contribute. Optical employees it is your opportunity to share what you have accomplished and make sure you are prepared.  Here are some simple questions for the employee to get the process started.

1. What did I accomplish last year? Think positive here, what did you do well and where did you improve.

2. Did I meet my goals? Assuming you did point out obstacles you overcame to meet these goals. Don’t blame others but explain how you will do things differently in the future or if they are unrealistic, how the goals need to be adjusted.

3. Did I go the extra mile? This question helps you organize your thoughts about any crisis or emergency. How did you step up and help out? Document the times when you took on extra duties or went above and beyond your job description in other ways.

4. Did I make any mistakes? Remember, no one is perfect. If you did make an error, own up to it, and then share what you learned from it.

5. How has my job changed during the past year, and how did I handle it? Make note of extra duties, projects or responsibilities.

6. Have I grown? In what areas do I want to grow next year? These last two questions invite you to take a step back and view your career from a broader perspective. How do you want to contribute more to your workplace?

See that wasn’t so bad was it?

Source: Leslie Whitaker, CTW Features, NCTimes

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