Optical Customers First-Empower Employees


I had purchased several appliances from Home Depot- as part of a free delivery promotion. Free Delivery as in a ‘rebate’ and after filling out forms etc.. What a hassle, but did it anyway. ($60) Five months later and 3 phone calls and ‘the check is in the mail’ story- I was irked-now, it’s the principle- don’t make a promise you can’t deliver. 

Marching into Home Depot- I asked to speak to a manager and I knew I had him, because he was wearing this badge: 

I am Empowered

Todd took care of the problem immediately, credited back to me the $60.00-I asked him, why this didn’t happen earlier. His reply, ‘in these times, we need to do everything we can to keep our customers happy and coming back.’ Good answer Todd- because in my neighborhood and in the same 6 mile radius from my home there are three (3) building centers, and numerous other places to find lighting, appliances and hardware- not to mention at least 25 nurseries, Target and other outlets. 

Are you employees empowered to make decisions on keeping your customers-patients happy and coming back? I know of some offices that allow employees to make up to $100.00 decisions and other offices that it is a hassle to get an answer. We consumers want to shop hassle free, want immediate answers and a response to our questions and problems. We don’t have the time and energy to track the followup and want it done now. 

Moral of the Story- If Home Depot a multi-billion dollar corporation can empower their employees, so can you.

Kala Mid Page