Optical Blog Grog “Optico Cosmo”


Here is our third Optical Blog Grog recipe, “Optico Cosmo”, for our weekly series of favorite cocktails that we are running through the summer. This is a much less alcoholic version of the Cosmopolitan that was invented by a group of bad skiers from Signet Armorlite, the Big Girl Ski Team. I have bad memories of one particular Cosmo night so I am reminded to say be careful with mixed drinks as it is easy to drink more alcohol than one realizes because the taste of alcohol is masked by the mix.

Here is my favorite recipe for a very tasty Optico Cosmo:

The secret is to mix this drink in a martini shaker with enough ice to make the drink very cold. I like to make them immediately before serving for this reason.

Add ice, one part Vodka, splash of Triple Sec, one part natural Pomegranate juice (or Cranberry but Pomegranate is better) and shake until your arm hurts. Pour into a cold martini glass with a thin slice or lime or orange for garnish. Drink slowly, your arm will no longer hurt and always drink responsibly!

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