Opti-fun with Pluggers and a Briot Edging Tip


You can depend on Gary Brookins Pluggers comic for an Opti-fun comic every now and then. Enjoy this plugger and his reading glasses and for those of you that edge ophthalmic lenses  here is an edging tip from Briot: What’s the best way to avoid slippage when edging hydrophobic or coated lenses?

Finishing hydrophobic lenses is no longer a technical challenge with an edger that includes an automatic setting for processing coated lenses. On Briot edgers, this setting is called the “Slippery Mode” and it automatically adjusts machine speed and chuck pressure to avoid slippage. When edging any kind of coated lenses, make sure you select good quality leap pads. Clean the blocking surfaces to ensure a good bond, and use blocks that are in good condition; worn out blocks will lead to problems.

Aspire MidPage June 19