Opti-fun – Another iPad Joke


Maybe it is because I don’t have an iPad that I find these iPad Eyepad jokes funny!

I got a new iPad!

I know someone at US Vision who shares this same sense of humor with me but he will remain nameless. (I did not get this joke from him, it was in one of those forwarded email chains!)

However, on a more serious note US Vision has full-time or part-time optometry practice opportunities available at the locations listed in this link. For more information about careers in optical retail, please call 1-877-385-7098 or email your resume to retailcareer@usvision.com.


VEW Mid-Page 19


  1. Seems as though you knew a different side the “The Man” than I did. But times change, that was so long ago for me, hopefully he has changed with them.

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