Opportunity or Gimmick? Video Eyewear


Opportunities waiting to happen! In today’s world, there are many opportunities available to expand your business. Sometimes you just gotta go out of the box, take the chance and offer something so different from your competitors in addition to  enhancing your image by providing cutting edge products. This- I think is one of those opportunites, that ties right into any optical professional.

The QingBar GP 300 is the first Wireless Video Glasses with Built in Media Player : This is a huge growth area, wireless technology- enjoy a movie in private, at the dentist- relaxing on the beach- so much potential! Check it out!

YelloMosquito Qingbar Gp300 Wi-Fi Video Glasses

When I first saw this, I thought, who is Yello Mosquito?  Yello Mosquito-(a division of 22Moo International www.22moo.com.au) is one of the world’s leading distributor, online reseller, educator & integrator of award-winning 2D/3D video glasses, goggles and eyewear products and accessories. Currently, they distribute their own products and solutions to many retailers, boutiques, mom and pop stores and online retailers in Australia and worldwide.


• The sleek ergonomically designed glasses are comfortable and light weight
• Ideal for portable use and they mobile.
• LCOS 310K QVGA resolution micro display
• Crisp vivid-color images
• Simulates the viewing experience of a 50” large screen monitor from a distant of 2m
• Ideal for watching movies, viewing photos, listening music, and playing games
• Enjoy your JPEG photos via the automatic or manual slide function mode
* Supports e-book .TXT file – enjoy reading your favorite e-books anywhere, anytime
* High quality stereo earphones
* Built-in Mini SD slot
* User-replaceable, rechargeable Lithium battery
* IR remote control
* User-friendly U/I backlit control, use of controls even in dark environments
* USB interface allows easy loading of digital files to the device.


$399 USD SRP (Suggested Retail Price)
REDUCED TO $299 USD SRP (Suggested Retail Price)

Choice of either BLACK frame or WHITE frame

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