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Several weeks ago, I was having a conversation with Mark Becker of Precision Optical Lab San Diego about what trends he sees from a lab point of view. He had just gotten off the phone with Eric White OD on eric whitethat very same discussion and suggested I speak with him. So I emailed Eric to ask him what opportunities he sees and what eyecare professionals can do for today in preparation for the future. For those who don’t know Eric White, he is in a unique position of advising on many eyecare boards, including PEN, VSP, has won many awards, a writer, a speaker, done clinical studies.. lets just say his CV is 20 pages long.

Here is what he said:

  • 75% of Lenscrafters income is made after 5 pm and on weekends.  As Optometrists we need to realize this and change accordingly.  We need to hire new grads to work evenings and weekends.  I am hiring another new graduate to work 11-9 pm a couple of days a week and weekends. The days of 9-5 need to change as our patients lifestyle changes.
  • We need to realize our future income is going to be divided into 4 groups; medical, glasses, contacts and nutrition.  The comprehensive exam is almost a lost leader to get the patient in the door. We need to prescribe from the exam change what our patients need to help their lifestyle be the best.
  • Especially in California, we need to be glaucoma certified.  With the healthcare reform the only way for us to see patients in the future is to have the equipment in our offices to fully take care of our patients and to be trained the fullest extent of our license.
  • The most important by far is we need to treat each and every patient as gold.  We need to not compete for every patient and every plan but to take the good plans and make our practice a concierge practice.  Make the patient experience above and beyond–think the Disney experience.
  • Embrace and expand social marketing.  Constantly be in touch with our patients by all the means to make your office stand out through Facebook, website, emails and twitter. Make them feel like they are apart of a family.

I agree with everything he says.. any other thoughts?


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  1. This is right on !!

    The only thing I would add is that the days of ” just hanging out a shingle ” are long gone. Each OD owner operator must recognize that they are the CEO of their practice, and as such are responsible for overall profitability , financial success, vision and direction for the practice, and culture building . To often I see this relegated to others, and the OD will only focus on exams. In my observation, This is not as effective in building a thriving practice.

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