Ophthalmologist Sued By 1-800 Contacts


Photo;UK Mail

Don’t talk back to 1-800 Contacts because you could get sued.

David Eilers is an ophthalmologist with a small but busy practice on St. Paul’s Ford Parkway, and sometimes he answers his phone to find a computer on the other end.

It is the automated voice from 1-800 Contacts, the giant mail-order outfit that sells discount contact lenses. It is attempting to confirm a customer’s prescription before filling the order and mailing it.

The doctor allegedly complained to the Utah-based company this year that the calls were a waste of his time. They interrupted business. He wondered why they couldn’t just have a human call.

In a lawsuit filed in federal court this week, the contact seller claims Eilers’ protests soon went beyond mere complaints. The doctor “has intentionally and willfully sought to impede his competitor, plaintiff 1-800-Contacts, by violating state and federal statutes, engaging in intentional interference with plaintiff’s prospective business relations, and purposefully committing business defamation,” the suit claims.

Eilers and his business, Twin Cities Eye Specialists LLC, are the defendants in the suit. Reached by phone, Eilers said he was hesitant to talk about the case because 1-800 Contacts is “very, very large.”

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Moral of the Story: Treat Others How You Like To Be Treated- You Never Know What Will Happen

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