Opening Eyes with Santinelli

Jaysun Barr from Santinelli with participating athlete Mark

We like to bring you reports of our sponsors that are involved in programs that help with the vision requirements of those in need. It is good for the industry as well the people given vision assistance. It helps bring awareness of vision care to the general public and we encourage all in the optical industry to get involved with “Opening Eyes” for those in need whether in a big way like Eyes of Faith Optical who give back 10% of total sales or like Santinelli featured here in our post below who are heavily involved in the Special Olympics or even in a small, local community event one day a year. It is all good.

Today we are featuring Santinelli’s participation in the 2010 National Special Olympic Games held in Lincoln, Nebraska by providing lens edging equipment for the Opening Eyes portion of the Healthy Athletes program, while several company associates volunteered their time and services. Through the program, a total of 564 pairs of prescription eyewear were distributed to athletes.

According to the Special Olympics organization, research has shown that among Special Olympics athletes, 68 percent have not had an eye examination in three years and 37 percent are in need of eyeglasses. Opening Eyes provides diagnosis for vision related problems, as well as corrective and protective eyewear all free of charge. At the end of the screening, athletes receive a certificate detailing their vision needs and follow-up referrals for health care providers in their home areas, if needed. Athletes are also taught how to take better care of their eyes.

Two Santinelli lens edging systems were humming all the way through with company representatives Rick Noonkester, Jaysun Barr, Steve Ruef, Henry Bode and Donald Rosene processing the several hundred jobs for the athletes. Santinelli International has been a supporter of the Special Olympics games for over 12 years.

Great Job Santinelli!

Aspire MidPage June 19


  1. Great cause, nice to read about. I agree that helping out in the local community is a benefit to all and good comes back to those that give, well most of the time!

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