Online Reviews: The New Marketing Currency


Eyecare Pro has a monthly e-blast on on EyeCare Practice of the Month. August was about successful ways to incorporate and use online reviews for the betterment of the practice.

Marketing Practice

Their Marketing Practice of the Month is an Olympic Gold Medalist in getting and utilizing reviews. Like all Olympians, they have worked tirelessly to achieve their lofty station. Nothing happens by accident.

With over 80 positive online reviews (and counting) and averaging 48 new patient appointments per month, this practice is reaping the benefits of their “culture of feedback”. Find out how they do it.

Reviews… Reviews… Reviews

Seems like a discussion of online reviews is on everyone’s mind, and lips, as more and more consumers are using the guidance and opinions of their neighbors to make purchase decisions on everything from eye care to home maintenance.  For many practices, three major questions need to be answered:

  1. How do I get reviews?
  2. How do I make sure they are positive?
  3. What do I do if/when I get a negative review?

As with all of these marketing dilemmas, there is always one practice that seems to shine brighter than the rest.  That practice is Lakeline Vision Source and they are the EyeCarePro June Practice of the Month! This practice is an expert on how to obtain and use reviews to the benefit of their practice.

Lesson 1: How do I get reviews?

Rest assured that Lakeline Vision Source did not chance upon a voluminous number of great reviews.  This is a strategic effort that they carry each and every day.

They are not just waiting for patients to review them, they are coming right out and asking patients,” How are we doing?” using a Net Promoter Score (NPS).  “We report our NPS score every week at the office meeting and take much pride in our high score, said Dr. Sorrenson.

Dr. Sorrenson also shared how Lakeline Vision Source keeps this goal so top of mind in an otherwise very busy practice and consistenly gets reviews, year after year. “One thing I do is share the reviews with the rest of the staff by group email.”  Like any successful practice initiatives, this initiative really needs the entire staff to succeed.  Dr. Sorrenson does a great job of personally over-communicating the importance of online reviews.

Lesson 2: How do I make sure they are positive?

You must start with the end in mind – your goal. “We seek to be the best for Austin by WOW’ing our patients and loving what we do”, reports Dr. Laurie Sorrenson of Lakeline Vision Source.  That’ll certainly bring in positive reviews!

“I think the knowledge that people are judging us and reviewing us helps everyone be more aware that we are always “on stage” and our goal is to “WOW” not just provide satisfactory care.” says Dr. Sorrenson.  It must be working because if you search for this practice they have 81 (not a typo) reviews online and that’s just Google reviews!

Lesson 3: What do I do if/when I get a negative review?

Dr. Sorrenson shares her advice on how to deal with negative reviews, and that is to handle those reviews one-on-one.

Lesson 4: Get help when you need it

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