Online Mark-Down Calculator- Free Stuff



One of my favorite sites is About. If you are looking for retail information, they have everything! One of the great tools they offer is a retail Mark-Down Calculator , a handy, simple online calculator  which you can use to determine your profit and loss of mark-down items.

I am a true believer in marking down items instead of returning. Why you ask? Because:

  1. You make more money by marking down and selling as 2nd pairs.
  2. Customer service issue, customers are always looking for sales and bargains.
  3. Helps to compete against discounters and the Internet.
  4. Can keep patients, instead of having them go elsewhere.
  5. Move stock quickly adding to total turnover.
  6. Your reps will love you!
  7. Save you money and time.

For more information on what it costs to return frames go to our post on The High Cost of Frame Returns.

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