Office Makeover – Peter Perfect


Peter Perfect is a new reality show aimed at small businesses that are generally viable but struggling with an image problem. The show is aired by the Style Network with a second season beginning in January, 2009. They haven’t done an Optical makeover yet, but it would be interesting to see what they would do.  The show’s namesake owns a hair salon in Beverly Hills which might seem a strange leap to Optical but if you see what they have done with everything from a Tire and Auto Service store to a Coffee shop you might recognize some of the same issues. Issues such as: tired surroundings, dated appearance, ineffective merchandising, cluttered work areas, lack of foot traffic etc.

This show may be an opportunity to receive a free office makeover and get a whole new look or just watch a couple of episodes, the show might influence some thinking and acting outside of the box!


Claire Goldsmith MidPage