Not To Miss: Top Hits And Shares Of 2015

Hicks Brunson

As business professionals with websites, one of the most important items that you can do coming into a new year is evaluate your website. Where are your hits coming from, what pages are being shared the most and what pages get the most clicks. Since our top shares and hits go way back to 2008, this year, we thought we would share with you our top hits and share for 2015. To be quite honest, some of these were unexpected. For us, we know more about what our readers like and are interested in hearing about. It has really changed over the years. The same would go for your patients when you evaluate what they are clicking on.

  1. How Many Eyewear Companies Are There?

    Hicks Brunson
    Hicks Brunson
  2. Eyecare Marketing Calendar 2016 
  3. Six Strategies of Dealing With Internet Eyeglass Adjustments
  4. Six Spectacular Holiday Displays
  5. 12 Movies With Johnny Depp  Wearing Eyeglasses  
  6. 57 Vision Charities To Get Involved In 
  7. How Many Optical Apps Are There 
  8. The Ultimate Trunk Show Guide 
  9. Layered Lenses From Percy Lau
  10. Top Eyecare Facebook Forums. 

Facebook is another story. We have found after much evaluation, our top shares are #Sunday #Funday. No surprise there. Our second are the ‘You Know You Need an #Eye #Exam When’… and or eye health issues. Surprisingly our videos whether fun or not, were not a hit. See if we do anymore of those in 2016!

As we go into 2016, we like you will continue to evolve our website to become more what you are looking for. Any suggestions are welcome and appreciated. Thank you for your continued support!

Happy New Year to all


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