Niche Marketing: Underwater Sports


It is that time of year where people are starting to plan their vacations, many which are around water sports in particular scuba diving and snorkeling. Scuba Divers and Snorkelers spend money. Serious divers buy prescription Dive Masks and they will go online to get them all year. Best of all, Underwater Sports and Diving is not a seasonal, meaning this is an opportunity you can offer all year.

Why lose that business?

Diving Stats

Aside from Underwater Diving, swimming and snorkeling there are a myriad of other sports that require either Dive Masks or Goggles: Underwater sports include the following – aquathlon (i.e. underwater wrestling), fin swimming, free diving, spearfishing, sport diving, underwater football, underwater hockey, underwater ice hockey, underwater orienteering, underwater photography, underwater rugby, underwater target shooting and underwater video and underwater salvage add sports such as Water Polo and competitive swimming and you have a pretty big and lucrative niche market.  (Wikipedia)

In evaluating just the Diving and Snorkeling Market, the demographic is the ultimate market for eyecare professionals as 54 is the average age and we know that over 80% of those 50+ year old need corrective lenses.

Eye Bogglers (Source)

  • 2.7 to 3.5 million active scuba divers in the US.
  • Up to 6 million active scuba divers worldwide (approximately)
  • 11 million snorkelers in the US.
  • 20 million snorkelers worldwide (approximately)
  • Recreational scuba diving and snorkeling contribute about $11 billion to the US gross domestic product.
  • Californians and visitors account for about 3.82 million snorkeling days annually with an estimated annual expenditure of between $170 million and $382 million.

Diviing stats

The question comes up is how to get this lucrative market? Divers dive all year round, this is not just a summer sport .

1.) Join Forces with local Dive Shops, PADI Divers, Dive masters and pools.

2.) Create a specific brochure that details the prescription dive mask and goggles you offer.

3.) Create merchandising around diving and other water sports.

4.) Confirm the information is available on your website and Social Media Pages.

Where to Get Prescription Dive Masks

Hilco; Offers both Dive Mask and Goggles. Both are Rxable and they offer an Express Rx Program that they developed that can put the Rx in the goggles and dive masks. The Dive Mask come with a suction cup insert that is RXable.

Hilco Dive Mask With Rxable insert
Hilco Dive Mask With Rxable insert
Hilco Dive Mask Insert
Dive Mask Insert
Hilco Goggles
Hilco Goggles in all sizes 

hilco rx swim goggles

Liberty Sport offers both Rxable Dive Masks and Goggles. They also offer an Rx program through their Liberty Sport Lab.

Liberty Sport Dive Mask
Liberty Sport Dive Mask available in one size in black, black/blue and crystal
Liberty Sport-Shark Kids
Goggles for the shark come in adult and kid sizes (Shark and Shark kids). Each of the goggles comes with an adjustable nose bridge which is how to accommodate various sizing.

Quest Optical Lab in Florida also do Prescription Dive Mask. They only do business with Wholesale labs, so if your lab doesn’t know anyone, you can always refer them.

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