New Site-Online Eyeglass Retailer Reviews


In April of 2009 we did a post about a site called Eyeglass Retailer Reviews and Information. This is a site that rates online eyeglass retailers. Another site just came to our attention, Online Eyewear Reviews, which rates online eyeglass companies, offers tips to consumers on how to buy online some decent information about the company.


Can you replace your expensive retail optical store with an online alternative? Why spend hundreds of dollars for prescription glasses if you don’t have to?

You can buy great prescription eyewear online easily and inexpensively! We rate and review online vision care stores.

Simply put, we

  • – Purchase Glasses from an Online Merchant
  • – Test the Merchandise
  • – Rate and Review our Consumer Experience

Online Eyeglass Retailer Reviews is new and I’m sure will grow. The advantage to reading sites like this is the independent eyecare office can read the reviews and plan a marketing strategy around reviews. For Example here is their review of Goggles 4U:

The website is easy to use and has many options for browsing their huge selection of frames (over 2000 according to the site.)  You can view frames by gender, price range, shape, material and type, or you can browse the entire selection and sort by various criteria.’- Do you show eyewear on your website?

They have a live chat support option on the site which is great if you have any questions and unlike some sites Goggles4u had representatives online at 10:00PM MST to answer our questions.  This left a good taste in our mouth as it demonstrates good customer service and professionalism. Live Chat is very easy and FREE- do you offer that?

Goggles4u’s ‘try it on online’ feature was very user friendly compared to most, allowing for movement and resizing of your picture and the frames.- Try It Online Feature- Is a Definite Must for any eyecare retailer today.

Aspire MidPage June 19