New Rimless Edge Mounting Device For Labs And Opticians


Dennis G. Zelazowski, inventor of the Chemistrie and Physics eyewear systems, grew frustrated with difficulty of NewPressMachinemass producing rimless and clip­ons by manual means. Pliers are difficult to balance on frames and lenses, repeated hand compressions in the lab is fatiguing, and poor quality output results from these issues. The Rimless Bench Press greatly reduces operator difficulty, product inconsistency, and spoilage during lens processing.

Ergo: Eye DNA’s new rimless Bench Press Version 2.0. The new machine features upgrades from the prior model, including lightweight aluminum construction, 12 ­position rotary jaws, and pin release mechanism. This new model enables the operator to easily set the separation distance of the jaw in the closed position, enabling mounting on more fragile lens materials.

The Rimless Bench Press is intended for optical laboratories and retailers processing more than 20 Chemistries or 10 Rimless Mounted spectacles per day, but is also ideal for opticians who want the benefits of an ‘extra set of hands’ when mounting rimless.


What is it: Electro­pneumatic device to compress rimless eyeglasses and clip ons.

How does it work: Compressed Air, valves, foot pedals, and adjustable speed and jaws.

Do I need my own compressor: A compressor can be supplemented and supplied.

How does the foot pedal work: Pressing down on the pedal initiates the jaws to begin to close. By releasing the pedal, the jaws begin to open until they are all the way open.

How do the adjustable jaws work: The speed is infinitely variable for ultimate control over the pressing motion. The individual jaw heads are on a rotating axis, and carry variable base curves, from ­8 to +8 in 2 Diopter steps. Different jaws are available in plano, staggered, or multiple base curves. The separation of the jaws in the closed position can be adjusted to enable precise fits compatible with more delicate lens materials. The pin locking mechanism enables the operator to rapidly switch the angle of each jaw to match the lens base curve.

What are the replaceable parts: The heads should be replaced every 2000­3000 compressions. The plastic tubing which carries the compressed air may, over time, become brittle and subject to oxidation and leakage. Replacement tubing is available at minimal cost.

What is the warranty: 1 year warranty for any manufacturer defects.
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